The Eiffel Tower is of course the main attraction. 

But seeing the whole of Paris, including the Eiffel, is possibly one of the best views I have ever seen.

But before we get into that. 

After a very long coach journey with Busbud

We arrived at our hotel –

Hotel Therse.

A luxury shower bathroom

A wardrobe room, with soft hanging dressing gowns and slippers waiting for us after a long day in the City

Leading into your double bedroom, with two large windows.

Perfect for a photo opt. Which I took full advantage off.

A hidden TV behind a glass mirror which I used daily to get my hair done

We opened up the windows and looked down onto the Parisian streets, before getting ready for the day ahead.

I booked these next few days away in Paris as a chance to spend some quality time with Jenny before she leaves for a year to travel. 

Safe to say Ill be loosing my left arm for a year.

A few hours later we grabbed a Starbucks and started our stroll around the City

We strolled past the Lourve – still not taking the chance to go inside and see the Mona Lisa.

Instead using it for the background of our photos.

Just like we done last time

We continued onto Tuileries Gardens. 

A very different site from when we were last there in March.

People were in a hurry and not many people were sat around the fountains.

So we continued to head towards the Eiffel, with our almost cold Lattés and hot chocolate

We walked towards a large wheel that was centered at the end of the gardens. 

This also wasn’t here last year. 

We decided to wait until dark before going on.

Another 30 minuets till we reached the tower




Another favourite of mine is the detail in Paris. 

From lamp posts, bridges to gold plated tips.

The City frolics with delight and fanciness.

Jenny’s ombré hair was insta-tasic for me to photograph. 

I kept telling her to turn around so I could get the perfect shot.

We rushed across the busy car filled roads, across bridges and down side streets, linked arm in arm. 

Taking us closer and closer to the heart of Paris – The Eiffel Tower.

In my trusty All Saints, Mast skinny jeans. 

They’re the perfect travel and walking companion.

I despratly want the blue pair below;

I’ve also picked out some of my favourite jumpers right now;

If you have never been inside a flower shop in Paris. 

You need to. 

They drip in inspiration for your home. There is so much detail in every corner. 

The insides are just as amazing as the pretty outsides.

At each twist and turn you can see the might lady in all her iron armer, peaking above the roof tops. 

But before you reach her you have to be strongly willed and pass by all the beautiful cafés that try and drag you in with their pretty doors and cute table and chairs outside.

After walking around the City for three hours we reached the centre of Paris’ main attraction. 

I don’t quite know what it is about the Eiffel Tower. 

But everytime I visit her, I feel in awe. 

Maybe its a feeling of nostalgia from being here as a child. 

It just never fades away, and come night time when she’s all lit up. I could sit and watch her for hours.

We decided to leave her, and head for some long awaited food.

We headed to Café du Trocadéro.

Where we had an outside table with the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.

When in Paris never expect the waiters to be pleasant or nice. They are slow and simply want to get their day over with.

But hey, thats City life.

We ordered two Croque-Monsieur.

Cheese and ham toasties basically. But a fantastic French special. Which you can get at most restaurants. 

However this was the best Croque-Monsieur I have had in Paris!

The day seemed to go on forever, I think the journey caught up with us. 

The day got darker and the clouds turned grey. 

So we decided to walk back, with our sore and tired feet.

We had completely forgot that we thought about going up on the wheel and as we got closer, our minds decided that we would go on.

We handed over a mere €12 and waited in line to climb into our own shaking hub.

Jenny wasn’t so keen the higher we got as she is afraid of heights – but she done it. 

The wheel goes around really quick, so make sure you have your camera at the ready. 

Luckily you get to go round three times. 

Jenny was a lot more comfortable by the third time round

We were luckily enough to be up in the sky as the tower glistened, as it does on the hour, every hour.

It glistened in all its glory along with the spotlight going around the Paris sky.

You can see the view of every main spot in Paris. 

Without even having to move.

In the far, but lit up distance you can see another favourite spot of mine; Sacré-Cœur

The Eiffel Tower and Champs de Elysees with the Arc de Triomphe at the top

We jumped out of our pod, beaming with joy that the day ended so wonderfully and walked back through Tuileries Gardens, to catch one last glimpse of the City of lights behind us…

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