Day Two of our trip to Marrakech. Follow us as we bronze on the roof terrace in American Apparel and visit the famous Square in the evening

We intended on waking up early for breakfast but after snoozing our alarm clocks for a few hours we jumped out of bed at 10am thinking we had missed our first Morning Breakfast. I luckily checked the time and we realised Breakfast stopped at 11am. 

We rushed to get ready talking about what we couldn’t wait to eat (although the KFC the night before did fill us up a little). 

We are seated at a table by the pool side, and given the daily English news (this happens every Morning). The waiters pull your chair out for you, and place a napkin over your lap. 

Chivalry is not dead in Marrakech. 

A miniature chair was even brought over for my Zara bag. 

Had if of been Chanel, maybe I would of expected it haha. Either way, very lovely. 

I went for freshly squeezed orange juice, Pineapple chunks with strawberry yogurt and of course some carbs on the side. 

We then headed to the roof terrace to catch our first full day of the Moroccan sun.

Wearing ,   

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This outfit post is also to come. With some alternative tops and skirts. 

A few snaps done it was time to enjoy the sun.

Swimsuit, American Apparel 

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I find swimsuits best to wear if your having a fun day and not too bothered about sun bathing. So if I was going on a boat trip or to a water park, thats when I would opt for a swim suite. I had spent the day before on my back so I went for this low back swim suit so I could lay on my front all day.

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As the sun got cooler we head back to our room to get ready for our second evening. 

We headed to the ‘Jemaa El Fna Square’, as we called it The Square. 

We had heard a lot about it and were told we had to visit. We walked from the hotel (La Sultana) to the square, taking us about 15 minuets. If you don’t mind busy places, people shouting and bikes zooming around you, I would suggest walking because you get the real experience. 

We found that taxis would charge way too much – even the staff said we spent too much on taxis on the first day. But we learned you have to haggle with everything – even taxis, don’t be afraid to either.

At night the square is at its busiest. I also have a post showing you the difference in the day. 

People are huddled into large or small circles playing games and even dancing. It was half term for Children in Marrakech so Children ran around playing games with no cares in the World. Something that I think London has lost. 

Im wearing (desperately after a pashmina to cover my chest) Outfit post to come.

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Jenny wears: 

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I even got dragged into the circle for a little dance with the locals. 

Of course remember to give some money after as this is what it is all about. 

We headed into the new town which is outside the medina. 

Our hotel La Sultana was inside the media, this is known as the old town and it is very traditional. You won’t find alcohol (unless in a hotel complex), bars or clubs until you get to the new town which is a taxi ride away. 

The Medina is gated by a large wall all the way around – I found it quite interesting.

I got myself a pashmina from one of the Souks. 

We left the square, flagged down a taxi and headed into the New Town to a roof top bar for cocktails.

After two or three we headed back to La Sultana

We bumped into a member of the hotel staff – Yannin, and asked if there was anywhere to get some food. He kindly walked us up the road so we could get some street food, waited and walked us back to the hotel. 

Jenny was pleased with her Chicken panini and I was pleased with my thin chips in a cone. 

After we ate we managed to take a walk around the Hotel corridors and take some outfit photos – more of that to come. 

Items perfect for Marrakech

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