On our last day in Marrakech we visited the Jemaa el Fna square then took a horse and carriage ride to the famous, most visited attraction in Marrakech – The Majorelle Gardens. 

A visit you have to make if you visit Marrakech.

The last day was the only day there were clouds in the sky. We were actually quite relived that the sun wasn’t out because it meant we could do touristy things without feeling like we were missing out on tanning – thats what the English weather does to you!

So we took a short walk from Riad Kaiss to the Jemaa el Fna square. Which is completely different during the day to in the evening. 

We walked through the square and was approached by men who put these monkeys on us. We literally had no choice, they were just placed on our shoulders…

And then the man thought it would be a great idea to hand me a pregnant monkey.

My face says it all…

Jenny had her turn…

And they kindly insisted we had a photo together,

look how the monkey is touching my boob!

They were really quite scary and I hated that they were on chains. But I guess thats the way things go in other countries. 

Instantly as they took the monkeys off us they asked for 200 Dirhum. (about £15)

It was the last day and between us we had about 10 Dirhum on us and had been walking through the square to go and get more cash.

The men quickly got loud and agitated, almost not letting us walk away. 

We had to insist that we had no more money and that they put the monkeys on us.

We quickly learnt that everything going on in the square revolves around money. 

Understandable but not quite so when they approach you and insist on things, then demand money. 

So that is my warning to you all. 

These guys also approached us, and our first words were “No, no, we have more Dirham”.

The men replied. “Photo is free, we don’t want money”. 

So we got some photos to get us in the spirit.

After some laughs with them. 

They also asked for 200 Dirham and quickly got rude when we tried to walk away. 

They see you with a camera, and instantly see money. 

Its their livelihood but its terrible. 

Even taking photos from meters away attracts them. I took this image and the man in the green came rushing over demanded money because I took a photo. I had to tell him I deleted the photo so he would leave us alone. 

Later on, we saw one couple be invited to hold a snake, so we watched from a distance knowing they would be hassled for money. 

The guy offered the snakes money and the man insisted on more, they got angry and the man ended up paying more. You really do have to be clever, strong and be able to say no. 

We avoided eye contact with most people after these two incidents. 

And walked straight to the horse and carriage rides which are just by the square. 

They offer a ride for an hour, to your hotel or destination to The Majorelle Gardens

We bartered with them, as our hotel manager told us we should not pay more then 50 Dirham to the gardens. Prices started at 400, and after walking away one man come and accepted our offer. We gave him 60 Dirham in the end.

The ride was fun and something I would recommend whilst there. 

Its nice to see the scenery without walking everywhere.

The Majorelle Gardens are 50 Dirhum – worth every penny. 

Art is something Jenny and me have been interested in since school. 

We have been to many London museums and gardens, so it was nice to visit this beautiful place. 

Its known as the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens because it was founded by YSL and Pierre Bergé in 1966.

The Gardens were going to be turned into a Hotel, so in 1980 they saved it and made it what it is today.

Its as though the air in the garden is fresher, cooler and different from just outside the walls.

Its peaceful and very tranquil. 


The YSL memorial was surround by four benches. 

I love palm tress so I spent my time constantly looking up at the model palm trees, almost touching the sky it seemed.

The colours that surround the garden are so bold and strong. 

Blues and Yellows…

A YSL boutique ends your journey around the garden. 

Allowing visitors to buy some very expensive items.

We decided to walk back to our hotel, we had our map and our crisps that we got from the shop and went on our way for a 20 minuet walk. 

We also managed to catch a glimpse of the Atlas Mountains (which you can also climb)

This post concludes our Trip to Marrakech. It was a lovely Winter holiday and I can only imagine it to be even better in the Summer. 

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