Come and step inside a luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Marrakech.

Riad Kaïss is one of Marrakech’s longest established and most elegant riad hotels.

I warn you, this post is photo heavy so make sure you have a cuppa ready.



Jennifer and me said goodbye to La Sultana on the fourth day and walked a 15 minuet walk through the busy streets of Marrakech to our new home – Riad Kaiss.

We were greeted by the most loveliest Women, a huge Mum figure, which is very nice when your away from home and in a different country.

She sat us down with their famous Tea and told us things we should do and limits on what to pay for taxis etc. She was so helpful, we just wish we had been given this information on the first day.

However get ready for a truly colourful place and a lot of palm tress….

As we waited for our room to be prepared, we sat and compared just how different this hotel already was to La Sultana – all good things still.

The Hotel was surrounded by colour and mosaics.

The bedroom was scattered with roses and rose petals.


The Bathroom was the same. It felt as though you were stepping into a cave, that had been carved perfectly and hand painted Green.

The sink was graced with handmade soaps, Shampoo and Conditioner and a small note that reminded guests to be aware when using the water, not to waste, because Marrakech is a very dry land with little rainfall.

I found this very humble.

If you have read my previous Marrakech posts you would know that Marrakech is the City of Roses.

They are everywhere.

We quickly put our bags down and was ready for a tour of this signature hotel.

Tiny birds fly around the majestic courtyard garden outside your hotel room, its all very soothing.


The Hotel only has nine rooms.

Each room have their own balcony and entrance.


We couldn’t resist a photo opportunity on this lovely swing.


We walked up the steps, around the hotel, towards the roof terrace.




You instantly feel how friendly the Hotel is.

Guests say Hello to you as you walk by, as do the staff.

You can see a fellow guest sat alone, reading a book in one of the shaded areas.


What I love most about traditional hotels in Marrakech are the hollow square centres.

Its incredible to be able to look down onto the growing palms trees or swimming pools.

Or look up from the ground to the sky day or night.



As we got to the roof terrace we couldn’t wait to get some sun.

The Hotel was very quiet and we felt as though we were the only people there. Although we wasn’t, its just the feeling you get from the silence and the ever growing trees that surround you from all angles.




The roof terrace is also a place to eat in the evening.

Jenny and me quickly ordered some fries, which came home made and with olives on the side.


You can have a room which has your own large balcony and four poster sun lounger outside.


The hotel offers a hammam, spa, boutique, swimming pool, a majestic courtyard garden, sun terraces, a range of services including cooking classes, full-service restaurant, private driver, personal shoppers and guides, and with parking nearby.

Riad Kaïss is a perfect base to enjoy the best of what Marrakech has to offer.


The water was very cold so there was no chance of me going for a swim in this one.











Wearing: Triangl Bikini* | Pandora Bracelet: Joshua James* (Left) | Tiffany Charm Bracelet


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The sun quickly disappeared for the first time all week.

As it suddenly got duller, we decided to head back to our room.



The majestic garden is beautiful from day – night.







See what I mean about looking up from below…






I would truly recommend Riad Kaiss if you want to experience Moroccan heritage.

With the souks and life of the medina just steps away, and the hotel tucked away down side passageways its the perfect getaway but still allowing you to be in the heart of the busy streets.

To book your stay at Riad Kaiss click here

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